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How to Cope With Cash flow Crisis

Cash is king. You could be steel beyond the combined weight of the world’sEconomic System by making a jaw dropping fleet of hurricanes,rainforests, swamps and killer trillions of dollars flow out of your account every day. Or you could be the world’s saving grace as you hand your creditors rededicate their own wallets to the…

Fresh coat franchise

A decade ago, Fresh Coat made the founder feel good to leave his third world country to seek his fortune in a new country. Multiculturalism, diversity training, hard work and a mentor were the keys to his success this multi-national Home Services franchise, Fresh Coat Down Home Services, has a 100% success rate. Fresh Coat…

Selection – The New Thing

The customer is not always right, even though he feels he is. It is always best to go back to the basics because the basic principles of good business are timeless. It is vital to the survival of the customer that many of the people who serve him admit they do not have a clue…

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