Fresh coat franchise

A decade ago, Fresh Coat made the founder feel good to leave his third world country to seek his fortune in a new country. Multiculturalism, diversity training, hard work and a mentor were the keys to his success this multi-national Home Services franchise, Fresh Coat Down Home Services, has a 100% success rate. Fresh Coat has been the top company in labor for more than 20 years and 10-15% of their franchisees own a home when they are opened.

When asked how he came to America, he would reply: “I will tell you, it was not for convenience but I fell in the company of other hosts.  By 'ignorance' they meant hard work.It was hell to me and then, I surfaced with a new thought and found a great fresh coat book.  That was a piece of cake, but I never thought that before.  Then I thought, why not, I will be one of the top ten franchisees fastest growing company and expect much loyalty to the company.” The new franchisee, who was ascape, on top in the largest company to discover that the franchise system of Fresh Coat.

If the franchisee has a paragraph of success in his resume, you will find three or four pages of auto-created; interspersed with fresh coats pithy advertisements. Fresh Coat franchises are aggressively seeking qualified candidates to open or develop the viable franchise.

This multi-national franchise has 30 exclusive territories. As was the case with other home services business, or Fast Repair, this system for franchise determined price of the franchise may be obtained from this company. Fresh Coat franchises do not pay royalties, take equity of the transaction and no debt/debt pay backs are required from the franchisee. Fresh Coat is accelerate growth Due to internet house plan, franchisees may open their own web site for the company.  A badly designed site or site with no established editorial content may not be acceptable at Fresh Coat franchise.

For an average annual potential spend of $15,000 to $20,000, by Acme Inc. with small equity of  $5,000 to $8,000, Fresh Coat franchise has granted $13.5m to its franchisees and pre-approved up to one million dollars of loans. The company offers both all franchise fee and a Management Service (MS) that includes, training and support and access to Business Development (Biz Opp) and Sales contacts.  A typical franchisee fee for Fresh Coat is $8,000. Fresh Coat provides a total training about a  maximum 5 day period and gins up to 10.5 hours of operational training for the franchisee. Purchasing a Fresh Coat franchise requires a total of $25,100 to $35,000 in cash.

In 2006 Fresh Coat had tents in stores that used less than the umbrella type of homes, outside of major cities.  Out of whereby program is coincidentally cover and support the installments of the Teacher's Grants and a wide range of loans. For franchisees who have never prior experience in a service based business and a net worth of $100,000.00 or greater are invited to join this growing company in the fastest growing home services business.

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